To the Point

To The Point is NorthPoint's family planning and sexual health program.  Our program staff work in the clinic and in the community to share information about reproductive and sexual health with teens, couples, parents, and families.  Our role is to connect people with the information and clinic services they need to make healthy decisions.  We are available to talk about a range of topics including birth control methods, condoms and safer sex, emergency contraception (Plan B), STD and HIV prevention, pregnancy options, and education for vasectomy and tubal sterilization.

Our Services

  • One-to-one conversations about family planning and sexual health
  • Connecting people to low-cost, confidential clinic services for birth control and STD testing
  • Assistance applying for the MN Family Planning Program to cover costs of clinic visits, tests, and birth control methods
  • Providing free condoms and safer sex supplies
  • MAN Clinic: a walk-in clinic for men every Thursday from 3 - 5pm

Community Services

  • Outreach at community events and health fairs
  • Training for adults and professionals
  • Facilitating small group education sessions for teens, families, and community groups