The $10 Million Stronger Together Campaign

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Campus Expansion

The need for services has continually grown since the inception of NorthPoint. Hennepin County approved funding for a $67 million capital investment to expand NorthPoint to meet the community’s needs.

This expansion provides NorthPoint with additional space to increase the number of providers and exam rooms. The design supports NorthPoint’s model of integrated care and increases our ability to serve the community. However, the County’s investment is not covering all critical areas. The goal of our $10 million Stronger Together Campaign is to close the gap while including community and cultural philanthropy as part of an integral and unique public-private / community partnership.

This capital expansion will not only increase the economic impact that NorthPoint has already brought to the North Minneapolis community, but will allow us to further leverage the capital investment of Hennepin County. We will be able to increase the economic and health equity impact in our community at a time when racial inequities and injustice, along with a global pandemic, are pressing down especially hard on communities of color.


The Stronger Together Campaign

NorthPoint’s $10 million Stronger Together Campaign will close a funding gap focused on six critical areas of the new NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center Campus:

Dental Specialty Services: We will have equipment and modifications in place to serve children and adults who have limited mobility.

Food Shelf Distribution Operations: We will expand our ability to store and distribute more food to community members and reach more people who have difficulty accessing the Food Shelf location. A new layout and equipment will increase the efficiency of the Food Shelf.

Bistro Café & Education Center: We will launch our first social enterprise to provide opportunities for job training and employment for youth and young adults. We will also make space and technology upgrade to our Education Center.

Drop-in Child Care: We will provide young children with a safe and developmentally appropriate environment and activities while their parents or caregivers attend appointments.

Spiritual, Healing & Wellness Center: We will provide our staff with a comfortable and nurturing place to take a break during their busy day and provide a space for community spiritual wellness and healing.

Community Gardens & Courtyard: We will provide patients and staff with outdoor space to relax and enjoy nature and its therapeutic effects.


About the Gift

Over the last 50+ years, so many have joined to build NorthPoint’s strong foundation of providing our community with whole-person integrated care, building community well-being, and supporting our commitment to health equity.

Today, we invite individuals, communities, corporations, foundations, and others to join us as we enter a new and exciting journey of continued growth to meet our community’s needs.

Your support of our $10 million Stronger Together Campaign will help NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center positively impact more lives and create a community culture of philanthropy.

Thank you.


For more information and to schedule a presentation contact Penny Schumacher, Advancement Officer at: 763.370.5384 cell | 612.767.9736 office


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