Obstetrics (OB) Care

The goal of OB Care Coordination services at NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center is to assure that an individual has the healthiest pregnancy possible as well as to have the healthiest baby possible. Providing a healthy environment is the first step. Every prospective mother that comes in through the medical clinic and whose pregnancy test comes back positive is given a risk assessment. Risk factors are conditions that affect the health and well being of the mother and the child, environmental as well as physical. The assessment looks at these and other risk factors:

  • Housing
  • Availability of food
  • Domestic abuse or sexual abuse issues
  • Depression
  • Legal issues, like probation or parole
  • Current or previous child protection issues
  • Illegal and over the counter drug, alcohol, and tobacco use

NorthPoint’s Prenatal/Obstetric Care Coordination (OBCC), includes a Centering Pregnancy Group. Centering Pregnancy is a type of prenatal care, where approximately 10 women with similar due dates, meet as a group with a mid-wife, over 10 sessions. Centering Pregnancy consists of three components; health assessment; education and support, with parents or other support persons welcomed to attend and participate with mom.


Based on the results from the risk assessment, referrals are made to community agencies to help address these and other factors. If necessary, referrals will also be made to Hennepin County Medical Center or North Memorial Hospital. OB Care Coordination also will assess the father and other household members and make referrals based on any of their unresolved issues. OB Care Coordination encourages the mother to include the father as much and as soon as possible, since research shows that including the father from the beginning increases the chances that he will stay involved, through the birth and far beyond.

An OB Care Coordinator will continue to work with the mother for six weeks past the birth. If additional care is needed, a referral is made to the Way To Grow Program, which will continue to work with the mother for up to two years.

Any client who does not have medical insurance will receive assistance in applying for insurance.


For more information please call (612) 543-2500.