Our Commitment to Our LGBTQIA+ Community

NorthPoint Health and Wellness Center, formerly known as Pilot City, has worked for over 50 years to address injustice, inequities and disparities that impact communities across North Minneapolis and Hennepin County. In this work, we have realized the intersectional issues that impact us and the people we serve. We are proud of our culturally responsive approach that our organization takes with each person and family. We also recognize that we are continuous in our development. We have listened to feedback from our teams and from the community, and we agree that NorthPoint needs to provide better service to the LGBTQIA+ community.

For the first time in NorthPoint's history, we have developed a committee that aims to create a more inclusive environment for LGBTQIA+ people, ensuring a higher quality of care. There is much work to do, but we are taking deliberate action, while honoring and furthering the work of individuals from the NorthPoint family that have already led the need for change.  

Action we are working on right now:

  • Creating an intake process for integrated care
  • Updating forms with inclusive and affirming language especially for our LGBTQIA+ community 
  • Training employees to ensure LGBTQIA+ centered care and services 

Please check back for updates on we move forward.


2020 Trans Equity Summit

This year we are a sponsor of the Summit.  Find out more here.

These are the documents we have for Summit participants:

NorthPoint Program information (PDF)

Free Fresh Food Fridays (PDF)

COVID-19 Testing (PDF)

COVID-19 Resources (PDF)

Red Door focus group opportunity (PDF)

NorthPoint Trans Equity Summit video (Youtube)