What We Do

The NorthPoint Health & Wellness Laboratory is a full-service clinical laboratory accredited by The Joint Commission.  We offer comprehensive lab testing to assist your provider in caring for you. We use rapid testing methods along with state of the art instruments to provide timely and accurate results.

Lab and Test Results

Because of NorthPoint’s unique working relationship with HCMC, Hennepin County Medical Center, some of your tests are sent there to be completed.  Results are generally available within 24 hours. Specialty testing may take a little longer. At HCMC the tests are analyzed and then returned to your NorthPoint provider through your electronic medical record. Many of your tests may be completed and discussed with you during your visit. Other tests may take longer to complete. In this event, your provider will explain how and when you will receive your test results.

Questions about Test Results

If you have questions about when you will receive your test results or what they mean, please contact your provider.