What is the Healthy Heart Program?

The Healthy Heart outreach is a collaborative effort between NorthPoint’s medical clinic, NorthPoint’s Community Health Workers, and the Minnesota Department of Health’s Sage Plus program, which is a recent add-on to their breast and cervical cancer program.

The Healthy Heart Program is a care management program that will address both the medical and social needs of women at risk of cardiovascular disease and those that have been recently diagnosed. A nurse coordinator and two full time Community Health Workers are staffing the Healthy Heart Program. They will be doing outreach at community events, health fairs, lobby outreach and coordinated care management by way of home and office visits.


The program is for women over 40 who have no insurance. Sage Plus, an offshoot of the Department of Health, provides financial support for those women.

Our Services

  • Lipid screening, which includes cholesterol screening
  • Glucose screening
  • Blood pressure check
  • Height and weight measurement
  • Risk assessment for heart disease based on the above factors