Behavioral Health Groups

NorthPoint provides support groups for Behavioral Health patients.  Each group is under the guidance of trained behavioral health providers.

How Can We Help?

For people who identify as women

  • Women's Domestic Abuse/Empowerment Group
  • Hmong speaking Women's Group
  • Latina Spanish speaking Women's Group


For people who identify as men

  • Men's Domestic Violence Group (meets State requirements)
  • Men's Anger Management Group (meets State requirements)
  • Men's Hmong and Laotian Group


For groups that have men and women together

  • Community Support Group
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • Chronic Pain for Co-Occurring Conditions
  • Options Group
  • LGBTQ+ Identity Development Group

Eligibility Criteria

For more information please call  612-543-2500 and ask for Behavioral Health Intake or stop by the Behavioral Health  Department at 1313 Penn Ave N  to find out about eligibility for the groups you are interested in.