Awards and Accreditations

Health Care Home Certification

A Health Care Home is “a community-based primary care setting which provides and coordinates high quality, planned, patient/family-centered health care promotion and chronic condition management.” NorthPoint also has a Health Care Home patient advisory group that meets every six months to obtain patient feedback as to services they receive at NorthPoint, access to NorthPoint, and ideas around certain policies and procedures. NorthPoint has been certified as a health care home since August 31, 2010. The Minnesota Department of Health reviews the program requirements and re-certifies the program every 15 months.

Diabetes Education Program Certification

NorthPoint provides services to new and existing patients diagnosed with diabetes, including weekly education sessions in three different languages. Our Diabetes Self Management Education Program uses established curriculum created by the International Diabetes Center and is certified by the American Diabetes Association Education Recognition Program (ADA ERP). In 2009, NorthPoint was the only federally qualified health clinic to be granted the ADA’s four-year nationally recognized certification.