Becoming A Volunteer

Thank you for exploring volunteer opportunities at Northpoint Health and Wellness Center, Inc. Whether it’s cheerfully greeting clients at our front desk, assisting in the food shelf, or just lending a helping hand during special events, NorthPoint volunteers can enhance the quality of life of many clients by donating their time to help NorthPoint and its staff. We hope you will take some time to learn more about our program and find a match for your talent and time.

Our application process is described in the Getting Started section of our website. Our goal is to assist you in finding a volunteer placement at NorthPoint that will benefit both you and NorthPoint. We look forward to meeting you.

With appreciation,
The NorthPoint Volunteer Program Staff

Benefits of Volunteering

There are many benefits to volunteering. Volunteering can help your professional career, give health benefits, and allows you to contribute to your community.


Professional Benefits

Volunteering can help your professional career by:

  • Maintaining or sharpening old skills
  • Acquiring new skills
  • Practicing new skills in a safe environment
  • Exploring career options
  • Networking opportunities
  • Providing a reference for future employment

How to Put Volunteer Work on Your Resume
Volunteering to Explore Career Possibilities


Health Benefits

Volunteering can benefit you by:

  • Giving energizing and renewing experiences
  • Meeting diverse range of people
  • “Helpers high”
    • Release of endorphins (morphine-like substances in our body) followed by acts of altruism

    • Can lead to stress relief

Volunteering to Help Others Could Lead to Better Health; Reduced Mortality Risk Not Seen in People Motivated by Self-Centered Reasons (Science Daily, 9/8/2011)




Volunteering can help you contribute to your community by:

  • Improving the quality of life of members of Hennepin County
  • Being involved in and contributing to a significant volunteer presence in Minneapolis-St. Paul
    • 35.5% of residents in Minneapolis-St Paul volunteer, ranking them 2nd of 51 large U.S. cities
  • In 2014, 975,200 residents of Minneapolis- St. Paul volunteered an average of 32.8 hours annually
  • Educated about issues pertaining to Hennepin County

Getting Started

Age Requirements:

For most volunteer positions, applicants must be at least 18 years old.  However, individuals younger than 18 years may volunteer in certain volunteer situations or positions, if accompanied by an adult and with prior approval from NorthPoint Inc. If you are younger than the legal working age you cannot volunteer at NorthPoint Health and Wellness Center, Inc. without Parent/Guardian consent.

Requirements for volunteers depend on the level of commitment and the location of the volunteer position.


Event Volunteer Requirements

Any position which consists of volunteering at a one-time event. The following are the basic steps for event volunteers:

If an individual or group is interested in volunteering at an event, they should complete a Volunteer Event Registration Form and return it to the Volunteer Coordinator.

Background Check
Certain events will require a criminal history check by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

Short and Long-Term Volunteer Positions

Any position which consists of a sustained weekly commitment.

The following are the basic steps for short-term and long-term volunteers:


If an individual or group is interested in long-term volunteering opportunities, they should complete a NPHWC New Volunteer Application and return it to the Volunteer Coordinator, who will then contact the perspective volunteer to set up an interview & orientation.

Background Check
All long-term volunteers will have their criminal and sexual offender history checked by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

All long-term volunteers or volunteer group leaders must register and participate in an orientation which includes: overview of NPHWC’s purpose and programs, Volunteer Policies & Procedures, description of volunteer openings and requirements.

Interview and Placement
The purpose of the Interview is to find the best placement for the volunteer at NPHWC. The interview may be included in the orientation.

Schedule and Training
Once a volunteer is assigned to a position and to a supervisor, the volunteer and supervisor will review the job description. It is up to the volunteer and the supervisor to coordinate a schedule and any training needed.

Summary of Volunteer Requirements

Long Term
Human Services
Event Registration
Volunteer Application
Background Check
MMR vaccine
X not
Recent TB test
X not

Ongoing Event Volunteer Opportunities



On Saturday, September 9th, NorthPoint Health and Wellness Center will be partnering with Open Streets Broadway and our partners at 800 West Broadway for Fit 4 Fun at Broadway. Open Streets Minneapolis brings together community groups and local businesses to temporarily close major thoroughfares to car traffic, and open them up for people walking, biking, skating, and playing. This community event is in its sixth year, and is co-sponsored by the City of Minneapolis. More than a street festival, Open Streets Minneapolis gives residents an opportunity to explore their neighborhood and local businesses in a safe, fun, and family-friendly way. We will continue our tradition with a walk/run, food demos, group fitness activities, and more. 


Up to 100 enthusiastic volunteers are needed to assist with activities for 3 hour shifts between 9am-5pm. We welcome volunteers to be participants for the rest of the event and bring family and friends too! Youth 16 and 17 years old can volunteer independently with parent/guardian permission. Youth 14 and 15 years old can volunteer when accompanied by an adult.

Patient Contact:No

Produce Distribution:


NorthPoint hosts a produce distribution twice a month, from May to September, that serves approximately 300 residents of North Minneapolis with free fresh fruits and vegetables. Help is needed to sort and distribute donations. This is a great group volunteer opportunity for groups up to 20 people. Last summer, we served over 3,300* individuals with over 113,000* family members!

2017 Produce Distribution Times: 7:30am – 12:30pm Available Dates: Fridays: 

May 19

June  2,16,30

July 7, 21

August 4, 18

September 1, 15, 29

Patient Contact:No

School Health Screenings


Do you have a health background and are you interested in helping children with good health screenings? Our screenings are for vision, hearing, height and weight/BMI.  Volunteers without health backgrounds can escort children between stations.  Four to ten volunteers are needed for each date. 


We also request that you attend a training on 12-2pm on Tuesday 8/29 or Thursday 8/31. 


Volunteers are needed 8:00am-2:30pm and we request that you sign up for a full-day shift. Lunch will be provided for volunteers.  NorthPoint Health and Wellness provides free health screenings at these schools:


Hmong International Academy at Jordan Park at 1501 30th Avenue North (30th and Humboldt Avenues North), Tuesday 9/5 through Friday 9/8.  This school is a new partnership with NorthPoint and has 500 students preK-8th grade with Hmong and English languages.


Sojourner Truth Academy at 3820 Emerson Avenue North (Emerson and Dowling Avenues North), Monday 9/11 through Thursday 9/14. This school has 430 students K-8th grade with Spanish and English languages.


Harvest Prep Academy at the Mastery School at 4021 Thomas Avenue North (Thomas and 41st Avenues North) and the Olson School at 1300 Olson Memorial Highway (Highway 55), Monday 9/25 through Thursday 9/28. These schools have 250 students K-7th grade with Somali and English languages.




Patient Contact:Yes

See, Test & Treat - Women's Cancer Prevention Education and Sceening


We invite women and their families to a Hmong Tea on Thursday 9/21, 3:30-7:30pm and an African American and African-Born Women’s Forum on Thursday 9/28, 1:00-7:30pm to learn about cancer prevention.  Then the first week of October (Tuesday 10/3 for English speakers, Wednesday 10/4 for Spanish speakers and Thursday 10/5 for Hmong speakers) 7:30am-4:00pm, we provide a day of screening for women 21-60 years old.  Women meet health care providers, receive free screenings if they don’t have insurance, sign up for health insurance if they need it, and learn how to be healthy.  Twenty-five volunteers are needed for each of these 5 days to help escort the ladies through the clinic stations, participate in the activities, and have some great meals.  Men are welcome to volunteer too!  CNA and CHW volunteers are also needed to take Vitals.  You can sign up for a shift:  9/21 3:30pm-7:30pm, 9/28 1:00-4:30pm or 4:00-7:30pm; 10/3, 10/4 and 10/5 7:30am-12:00pm or 11:30am-4:00pm.  Hmong speakers are needed 9/21 and 10/5 and Spanish speakers are needed 10/4.

Patient Contact:Yes

NorthPoint Clinic

Clinic Book Shelf Assistant*

Duties:Help run the clinic book shelf by taking a census of books, replenishing book supply, reading to/interacting with children in the clinic lobby, giving away books, and securing new book donations.Why a volunteer is needed in this role: Volunteers are needed in this role to help provide additional services to clinic outside of staff responsibilities and promote reading.
Qualifications:Volunteers must enjoy working with children, be outgoing, self-motivated and highly organized.
Minimum Age:18
Patient Contact:Yes
Skills:Community Outreach/Organizing
Customer Service

NorthPoint Human Services

Computer Lab Attendant

Duties:Create a positive community environment by attending to open computer lab time, monitoring content of youth residents’ computer work to ensure community-environment is preserved, answering technical questions, and helping MNSure Navigators with enrolling clients by providing basic computer navigation aid and filling out online applications for clients. Perform outreach for using the Lab in both NorthPoint building lobbies. Track participation, assess community needs, and address those community needs through the development of additional programs. Additional duties include: Providing job search assistance to clients who are looking for employment, assisting clients with online applications, creating resumes and cover letters, and setting up e-mail accounts.
Qualifications:Applicants should have basic knowledge of software use, keyboarding, Microsoft Word, navigating the Internet and good digital citizenship practices (understanding of basic legal and ethical digital practices and etiquette). Applicants must be friendly, proactive and celebrate successes with learners
Minimum Age:18
Patient Contact:No
Skills:Computer Skills
Customer Service
Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Food Shelf Assistant*

Duties:Time Commitment: At least 3 hours a week
Times available: M-T-TH-F, 9:00am - 3:00pm; W, 9:00am - 6:00pm
Task Description: Volunteers will help assist customers with registration, getting their food and bagging their groceries. Volunteers will also help maintain the food shelf by organizing food deliveries, stocking the shelves and cleaning the facilities. Why a volunteer is needed in this role: Volunteers are needed in this role because there is always necessary work to be done in the food shelf.

Food Shelf Assistant Volunteer Code of Conduct
1. Please treat everyone with respect.
2. Please refrain from using profanity (bad language).
3. All bags including purses must be checked at the beginning of your shift and will be returned after your shift is over.
4. NO CHILDREN are allowed in the Food Shelf.
5. NO FOOD is to be taken without express permission!
6. No sitting – you should be doing something because there is always something to be done!
7. Please limit your cell phone use to your break.
8. Please wear a volunteer ID badge and/or vest that identifies you to staff and customers.
Qualifications:Must be able to lift 25 lbs. Volunteers should be self-motivated and have an interest and willingness to help others.
Minimum Age:18
Patient Contact:No
Skills:Business Operations
Community Outreach/Organizing
Customer Service

Lobby Health Screener*

Duties:Blood pressure screenings and referrals in the Lobby of the Human Services building (1315 Penn Avenue North) (and also in the Clinical Services building at 1313 Penn Avenue North) assist to create a healthier community.
Qualifications:Be at least 18 years of age. Current CNA, MA, LPN, RN, MD / healthcare provider or student is preferred. Hmong, Somali or Spanish fluency is a plus. Training will be provided.
Minimum Age:18
Patient Contact:Yes
Skills:Community Outreach/Organizing
Public Health

Mobile Food Shelf Volunteer

Duties:The Mobile Food Shelf brings food out to communities that are not able to come to NorthPoint for our on-site Food Shelf. Along with providing food, we also provide health screenings and nutrition education. We currently serve 6 different locations near NorthPoint every 3rd Tuesday of the month 8:30am – 11:30am and the 3rd Thursday of the month 12:30pm - 3:30pm and every Friday from 12:30pm – 3:30pm. Volunteers are needed to help with client registration/intake and health screenings. We are especially looking for someone who is able to speak Hmong and has training in health care.
Qualifications:Must be 18 years of age or older
For health screenings, must be in healthcare or willing to be trained by a NorthPoint CHW. On Tuesdays, fluent speaker in Hmong preferred
Minimum Age:18
Patient Contact:Yes
Skills:Community Outreach/Organizing
Customer Service